Good Health and Well-Being

Social and Sustainable Impact

We are an innovative wellness company disrupting the beverage industry with nutritious healthy beverage alternatives free of preservatives, additives, dyes, artificial sweeteners and alarmingly high sugar content.

Climate Action

Classic Juice Co. operates as a circular economy by purchasing rejected, ugly, surplus produce and upcycling the juice pulp and fibrous by product of our manufacturing and provide it to women led, Black and BIPOC farms and urban farming initiatives that divert food waste from landfills and repurpose it into agricultural compost to help grow more healthy food. Together with our partners we have upcycled over 85,000 lbs of food waste into compost since 2019.

Reduced Inequalities

We are 100%  Black owned and operated and women led. Our staff is 100% Black, 70% women, with 50% of our team being youth between the ages of 18-29.