Classic Juice Co. was founded as a result of my personal health issues. I experienced an adverse reaction to prescribed medications and asked my doctor for a natural supplement that I could adopt towards my healing. I was told there was nothing natural I could use!

I was completely shocked.

My life experience included many of my grandmother's natural remedies that come from the island of Jamaica, where there isn’t the luxury of a large medical system; so food is medicine. These roots and my experience with my doctor, inspired me to begin studying the health benefits of food. 

My studies led me to the practice of Ancient Chinese Medicine,

Whose core belief is: "Good health begins in the stomach".

I learned that the best way to digest food was to consume it in juice form. I began to juice using a cold-pressed extraction method that keeps all of the healing properties of the juice intact.

As my diet improved,

my energy, mood, attitude and relationships improved leading to a complete lifestyle change. I learned that I was not alone and my experience and the experience of others, can be proven by science in the book "The Gut Brain Connection" by Emeran Mayer.

I wanted others to experience this healing and started to design juice blends with a focus on specific healing properties. I began sharing the beverages and my story and eventually launched a small line of 3 beverages.

Fast forward to today

2018 — When we opened Classic Juice Co.’s flagship location in the East End of Toronto. We have served over 80,000 customers and sold over 500,000 bottles of cold pressed juice!