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Our catering services deliver a refreshing and health-conscious experience, perfect for meetings, conferences, and special occasions.

Classic Juice Co. emphasizes environmental sustainability, operating as a circular economy and using eco-friendly packaging and social sustainability, with Black, women-led ownership and intentionally hiring from the BIPOC community.

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  • “I had the absolute pleasure of working with Classic Juice Co on behalf of Intuit Canada during the Collision tech conference, and I cannot emphasize enough how delighted we were with their services. Collision is undeniably one of the largest and most prestigious tech events globally, and in such a competitive environment, Classic Juice Co helped us stand out by providing a unique and healthy alternative to the conventional coffee offerings found at most booths. Thanks to. their delicious juices, attendees were lining up at our booth.

    In addition to the quality of their juices, what makes Classic Juice stand out is the level of professionalism of Tamara and Cliff who were a pleasure to work with. They were incredibly accommodating during the logistics planning phase, ensuring that our large order of over 2000 juices ran smoothly. Thank you, Classic Juice Co, for being an integral part of our success at Collision!”

    — S. Saqafi

  • "We have worked with Classic Juice Co. on 3 occasions, and it has been a pleasure each time. Our first was to celebrate Black History Month and highlight local Black Owned Businesses. Tamara & Cliff made our first time with them smooth, easy and enjoyable.

    They helped pick out the best flavours and hand delivered them to us at the building! The pop-up event went great and the residents were over the moon. The variety we chose boasted many health benefits that everyone was happy about. This experience made choosing to work with them 2 more times a very easy decision to make.

    Classic Juice Co is a company that I feel is the perfect example of a family owned business because they treat you like family. They are extremely accommodating and flexible as well as creative, innovative and passionate about what they do. Every time we have worked with them, they have been along with us every step of the way.

    They are always top of mind whenever we need a great company to provide amazing service as well as product."

     K. Wheatle, Novus

  • "Thank you to the Classic Juice Co. team for being a part of our Growing the Game event. The drinks were delicious and everybody enjoyed the variety of flavours to choose from! 

    Nothing but good energy from you and your team and I’m so happy to have met you and for you to be a part of our community. Thank you again and we will definitely be reaching out to you again in the future!"

    — O. Ho

  • "We loved trying out your shots and enjoyed your fruit juices, my favourite was the Blue Hawaiian Spirulina Moss!"

    - K. Baltazar, Ripple Canada

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