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Our Mission

Our mission is to reclaim juice from commercialism by guiding and informing you on your self-care journey with healthy products, personalized nutrition, approachable customer service and quality that is never compromised.


We are an innovative wellness company disrupting the beverage industry with nutritious healthy beverage alternatives free of preservatives, additives, dyes, artificial sweeteners and alarmingly high sugar content using a cold-pressed extraction method that keeps all of the healing properties of the juice intact.

We know that the longer the shelf life of a juice product the more our health and quality of life decreases. Our juices are raw, nourishing and cold-pressed with a complete blend of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that will support your body’s amazing ability to heal itself naturally.

Our 100% juice elixirs are cold pressed with FRESH produce!

With no added water, sugars, concentrates, dyes, additives or preservatives. Our juice is completely "raw" or unpasteurized and NEVER FROZEN. This ensures the juice is filled with life-force energy, structured water content, probiotic microbes and enzymes helping you to nurture, nourish and prolong your life. 

The nutritional significance of each ingredient is at the forefront of each recipe design using innovative flavour combinations to ensure you are nourished with flavour, taste and quality as you fuel your body.

The nutritional benefits of each juice are curated to improve your digestion, immunity and mood, while increasing your energy, performance, and focus.

You will be balanced with a steady flow of fuel throughout your day and free of the jitters, crash and dependency from caffeine, carbonated or sugar-laden beverages.

"A better you, makes a better us. A better us, creates a better world."

At Classic Juice Co. ™ we believe that self-care is a part of something bigger. It's something that matters not only for individuals but for society. We believe that healthier people make a healthier planet. And that a healing journey towards a long, vibrant fulfilling life begins with the plant power of cold-pressed juice.

By choosing Classic Juice Co, you are taking a step towards self care and self preservation. You are creating positive change in your life from within, prioritizing self-care and natural healing, and breaking away from your old habits. HEALTH + WEALTH + KNOWLEDGE OF SELF = PURPOSE


Our juices are made from fresh, never frozen, fruits and vegetables are thoroughly washed, peeled, seeded and cored by hand for the highest quality of juice. We produce our juice blends in small batches to maintain our high standards for freshness, quality and consistency, ensuring that every bottle delivers the same exceptional taste and nutritional benefits that our customers have come to expect from Classic Juice Co.

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A Community Hub

A welcoming space for ALL people. We love people. Regardless of your reason for visiting, we are ecstatic to see you. We are more than a juice bar, we are a community hub. Let’s forget the counter and come together.

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